Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Funday in the city

      We started our day off today by heading into the city around 12:30 to meet up with family for lunch at Forcella on Park Ave.
      The meal began with a round of mimosas, bloody Mary's, pellegrino, and some Shirley temples for the kids. We then moved on to appetizers which included bruschetta, potato croquettes, and two orders of burrata (fresh mozzarella stuffed with creamy cheese) ;one served with prosciutto and the other with an delicious balsamic glaze. After polishing off our apps and another round of drinks everyone was ready to order their main courses, as if we weren't already stuffed from round one.
      There were so many options when it came to lunch, this restaurant had everything from homemade pizzas to a fresh vegetarian kale burger with fries. Me and my cousin decided to split two things and decided on the gnocchi alla Sorrentino and a margherita pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella. The pizza was to die for and the gnocchi came in a creamy marinara sauce topped
with thick slices of mozzarella and sprigs of basil that was equally amazing
Family, friends, and great food... Can't ask for much more!

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