Thursday, January 1, 2015

The top notch cuisine that is airline food...

I am going to be completely honest here and confess my hidden love obsession with airline food....
Let me first just clarify that by airline food I am not referring to the ridiculously small bags of pretzels and the occasional pack of biscoff cookies (although those are delicious). No, I am talking about the amazing meals they give you to keep you happy and fed during torturous 20 plus hour flights that take you halfway across the world.
This trip I flew Emirates airline from New York JFK to Dubai and then from Dubai to Singapore. What you are fed on your flight really depends on your airline and where you are flying to. So putting it nicely, if you are not a fan of the magical aroma that is curry I would not recommend flying emirates airline. Thankfully I thoroughly enjoy Indian cuisine so this flight was a treat!

Our trip started at eleven oclock on January 30 with a 12 hour flight from New York to Dubai. They announced that dinner service would be about an hour into our flight and then the flight attendants proceeded to go around the cabin and hand out menus...menus? Now, I've been fed on flights before but never had I had the choice to choose between Lamb Biryani and Chana Masala for dinner on a plane! I obviously went with the lamb:) It came with an appetizer of lentil and feta salad, crackers with a garlic cheese spread,lamb, rice, a roll, and then for dessert a blueberry crumble cake. Needless to say, everything was absolutely delicious and worth every penny of this ridiculously expensive flight haha AND this is just the food they served in economy, I can't even imagine wha they have going on up in first class....

Now I'm not going to go into detail about every meal they served on each of my flights but between two breakfasts and two dinners they were all equally as amazing as the last and definitely made the long flight a little more bearable knowing that at least I had the food to look forward too every five hours or so:)
So yeah, thats my rant about airline food...Bon appetit!

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  1. so far so good with the blog, keep it up ! love ya

  2. I understand loving airline food, I myself love hospital food, menus and hospitals, and crushed ice from them, haha. have a great trip!

  3. that is supposed to say menus in hospitals, by the way