Sunday, January 4, 2015

A monkey and margarita kind of day...

Day three of my Singapore adventure began much like the previous two days; woke up around 7:30, made some breakfast,watched a little tv, hit the gym, and then went out to explore more of this beautiful island. On the agenda yesterday was the MacRitchie nature trail and treetop walk. All together this trail is about 6-8 km and took us about two hours all together. The trail itself is absolutely breathtaking! It is located in the tropical rainforest and is home to many different types of plants and animals alike. One animal in particular that calls this rainforest home is the long-tailed macaque monkeys seen in the pictures below.

The monkeys are chill though and pretty much just mind their own business, unless you have food...then they're probably going to try to take it.

As you walk through the forest you pass by all different types plants, trees, and small streams that run along the sides of the trails until finally you get to the famous tree walk.

The view from the bridge is unlike anything you have ever seen (even for someone like me who is deathly afraid of heights). After you finish crossing the bridge you are met by another trail and quite a lot of stairs that eventually bring you back to where you started your hike. All in all it was definitely a great way to spend such a beautiful day outside.
After our hike we were all pretty hungry and ready to relax and grab a cold drink somewhere. We made our way down to Holland Village, which is a big hot spot for the ex-pat community of Singapore. We grabbed some beers and sandwiches for lunch and then took the bus back home where we all crashed and took a much needed nap before figuring out our plans for the evening.

After napping we hung around the house for a bit before heading out for Mexican food with some of Ana and Daniel's friends. Dinner consisted of chips,salsa,guacamole,mango ceviche, tacos, churros, and AMAZING margaritas. When dinner was finished we walked around Clarke
Quayruns before we called it a night and grabbed a cab back home. Once again, an amazing day on this wonderful island...

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