Thursday, January 1, 2015

Escalators, Merlions, and hawkers, oh my!

So day one in Singapore, we started out our morning with a walk down Orchard road which is basically the Rodeo Drive of Singapore. Seriously they had it all from Crate and Barrel to H&M to Lululemon. This country literally has anything you would ever possibly need or want, and then some.
So from Orchard we proceed into one of the indoor shopping malls that has one of the worlds tallest outdoor escalators,which I like to call the escalators of doom. They are a set of very steep escalators that run on the side of this building all the way up to the 11th floor but we didn't go all the way up due to my impending panic attacks haha

This was the start of our trek, I wish I had gotten more pictures on the way up but I was too busy holding on for dear life to worry about checking out the scenery.
So after shopping around for a bit we went to see the Merlion!

Now, a Merlion is exactly what you think it would be, half mermaid half lion.
It became the symbol of Singapore when during the 11th century Singapore was rediscovered by Prince Sang Nala Utama. When the prince first landed on the island he spotted a mythical beast which he later found out was a lion. He then decided to name the island "Singapura" which in sanskrit means Lion City. The fishtail on the Merlion symbolizes Singapores humble beginnig as a fishing village.

We then went to a Hawker Centre for lunch where I had a tradition Singaporean meal of Latska. Its a noodle dish in a coconut milk and curry broth with all different kinds of fish in it. It was definitely a good choice for my first meal in Singapore!

After lunch we went to the museum where they had a Leonardo Da Vinci interactive exhibit that was simply amazing!

After our long day of sightseeing we met up with some of my cousins friends for some drinks and dinner before heading back home and calling it a night. all in all it was definitely a perfect first day in this fabulous country.

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