Friday, January 2, 2015

Little India and China Town

So yesterday morning started out great! After waking up from a fabulous night of sleep my cousin made us some eggs for breakfast with fresh french bread from a bakery down the street along with some of the most delicious dragon-fruit I have ever had. After breakfast I hit the gym for a little bit and after that we were off on our way to Little India.

The restaurant that we went to in Little India was awesome! We started off our meals with some drinks, I got a refreshing sweetened lime juice and Daniel and Ana both had mango lassis that were delicious. We then ordered some vegetable samosas and garlic naan to start. The first time I ever had Indian food was during a trip to Tanzania when I was 18 and since then no Indian food has ever come close to being as good as what I had there, but I am happy to announce that today that was not the case. The vegetable samosas came right out of the fryer cooked to golden, flaky perfection and the naan was hot and covered in garlic and butter, both equally spectacular.I know, this sounds amazing right? My mouth is still watering as I am typing this, and this was just our appetizers!

For lunch I ordered the fish tikka which was fish marinated in spices,lime,and yoghurt and then cooked in an extremely hot oven and Daniel had the butter chicken:)

So basically lunch was fabulous haha There truly is nothing better than traveling with people who enjoy the same things as you do. One thing that is always a priority for me during my travel adventures is the food. What, where, and when I am going to eat are thoughts that are constantly running through my head. I truly believe you get much more out of your travels by completely immersing yourself in the culture and food definitely plays a huge part in that for me. Thankfully my cousin and his wife are on the same page as me about food:) Now I know I have only been in Singapore for two days but I am convinced it is impossible to eat a bad meal here.

After lunch we continued to walk around and shop for a bit. I fully commited to being as touristy as possible and bought myself a selfie stick from one of the markets. the states if I saw a tourist with one of these sticks
I would make fun of them and probably laugh in their face but here its very different, locals and tourists alike enjoy the convenience of their selfie sticks. Seriously everywhere you go you are bound to see someone with a selfie stick. Don't knock it til you try it.

Exhibit A.

My selfie stick:)

Picture taken with my selfie stick:)
We then proceeded to walk around Tekka markket for a bit and get some fruits and veggies for the week. I also had the honor of meeting Ana and Daniel's vegetable man who seriously had everything from kale to eggplant to mutant sized brussel sprouts (which we had for dinner and were awesome!)

So after our long day of food, shopping, and selfies we stopped by a few temples in China town before calling it a day.

Day 2 in Singapore= Success!
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