Sunday, January 18, 2015

So my time in Malaysia was definitely one for the books. From getting my phone and debit card stolen, dealing with every Western Union in KL, staying at the most amazing hostel ever, then having a mouse run across my bed at the next hostel, changing the course of my trip (about five times), beach bungalows, island hopping,running into old friends, making new friends...the list goes on and on. I'll try to sum up my past 10 days as best as possible...

So my time in KL was only supposed to be about three days but due to some technical difficulties it was extended to about five nights and six days. A word to the wise, anyone ever looking for a place to stay in KL I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend staying at the Reggae Mansion hostel. It's a three-story hostel located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Just a short walk from China Town, Little India, and the Masjid Jamek train station which can get you anywhere you want in the city. I stayed in the 24 bed mixed dorm and I can not talk highly enough of it. Every morning housekeeping was in the rooms cleaning windows, mopping, taking out trash, etc. I dont think I ever saw even a cobweb during my entire stay. There is also a rooftop bar and a 40 seat cinema as well. All of this for just 48 RM (13 USD) a night! Can't beat it!

Okay enough about the hostel haha...
So after Charlotte and Lisa left I ran into a friend I had volunteered with and Cape Town and spent the next day hanging out with him and his friends in KL and when we went out that night is when all my stuff got stolen...because I have awesome luck. But seriously after my minor panic attack, dealing with irritating Western Union people, and having the lady at Bank of America...and another lady at Western Union make me cry I pulled myself together and got on with the rest of my trip. There's only so much you can do when bad things happen and the only way to deal with it when you are on the other side of the world from your bank...and Verizon is to just pick your shit up and move on. Which is what I did:)

My last night in KL I went out and had a nice dinner at a Shabu Shabu place in city center that was absolutely amazing and then the next morning I woke up early and headed to the bus station to catch a bus to Penang:)

(My shabu shabu dinner:)
So the bus ride to Penang was about three hours but they flew by...mostly because I slept the entire way there and the bus seats were super comfortable.

(This isn't me, just some random lady really enjoying the bus hahaha)

Once we got to the Butterworth ferry station it took a little more navigating to find the actual ferry but once I did it took about fifteen minutes to get boarded and then just a quick boat ride and we were in Penang....Now I start the next chapter.
So although I only spent two days in Penang that was enough for me. The history and the food were the two highlights of my time there, especially the food!

But the hostel I stayed at here was definitely lacking..This hostel was also a Reggae Mansion but wasn't even close to the standards of the mansion in KL. The people that worked here were so nice and accommodating, especially Uncle Charlie! The rooms were set up just like the ones in KL yet the only difference here was that I had two mice as dorm mates. Yes,mice. One of whom kindly scurried across my bed at four in the morning and woke me up in complete shock haha They moved me into a different room after this but I could hear the "scurrying" in this room as well so I opted to just crash on the couch in the common room for the night. But other than the mice the hostel was great :/

While I was in Penang I met some amazing people as well. One night I hungout with four people; two from France and the other two from England. We went out for drinks and it turned into a night full of different drinking games from each of our different countries, karaoke, and eating burgers from a street vendor at three in the morning. Definitely a night well spent.

I also met two girls in Penang, Elizabeth(Austrian) and Leila(Switzerland). We did some sightseeing and grabbed lunch one day and they invited me to tag along with them to Langkawi for a couple of nights, so of course I said yes! We took a ferry over and it took about three hours during which we watched The Mask (so random) which was a bit hard to hear over the screaming of two toddlers who wanted OFF of the ferry hahaha But once we got there I did not regret my decision. Langkawi is absolutely beautiful and as were were approaching in the ferry it looked like the approach to Jurassic Park, it was awesome.

Once in Langkawi my days consisted of laying out on the beach, eating cheap street food, island hopping,drinking beers on the beach, and sleeping in our cute beach bungalow that was just a block off the beach. It was definitely the relaxing two days that I needed at the end of my time in Malaysia.

Okay so thats the end of this post and the end of my time in Malaysia. A huge thanks to everyone that made my stay here one to remember:) Although my time there went longer than expected I am so happy it did and I will definitely be back to this beautiful country again. Until then, peace out Malaysia, I'm off to Bangkok!
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