Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh hey Ban Phe!

So my journey from Bangkok to Ban Phe was definitely interesting. One thing I have learned from my first 48 hrs in Thailand is that NOTHING makes sense here haha seriously nothing...
Exhibit A:
I go to the Ekkamai Bus Station in Bangkok and buy my ticket to Ban Phe. As I walk towards the busses each bus has a label of its destination taped in the window as well as on a sign hanging on the bus. So being the somewhat intelligent person that I am I head to the one and only bus with a sign that says "Ban Phe" in the window, only to be yelled at by some crazy bus lady that I had to go on the bus that was labeled Pattaya (which is an hour west on Ban Phe....So being very confused I double check with about three other people on the Pattaya bus and sure enough it is heading to Ban Phe, apparently the drivers decided to switch routes for the day and apparently that was common knowledge to everyone but me.

Okay so then we are driving and after a few hours and a quick pit stop we are almost to our destination ( Ban Phe, not Pattaya). The bus driver proceeds to ask me and the other five people left on the bus if we are all going to Koh Samet ( some quick background info: Koh Samet is an island that is a quick ferry ride from Ban Phe ). Soo everyone else on the bus says yes that is where they were going, except for me :/ I told him I just needed to go to the Ban Phe bus station (where were supposed to be dropped off and where I had directions to my hostel from). Instead we stop at a Koh Samet information desk for everyone else to get their tickets for the ferry and when I asked how far the bus station was in relation to our current location and the bus driver just kept telling me "No, you go Koh Samet, it's very fun", which I am well aware of and am planning a day trip there tomorrow but at this point I just wanted to get to my hostel. So off I went, just knowing that my hostel was by a bus station and a 7/11. Thankfully it was next to the first 7/11 I saw which was about a quarter mile from the info desk so the trek wasn't so bad. I was also asked by at-least six people on my way to the hostel if I wanted to go to Koh Samet hahaha I was ready to go off on the next person that asked me. But long story short, I made it to Ban Phe hostel safe and sound and am only paying 150 Baht a night (5 USD)! So it's not a bad deal and it's a pretty cool hostel as well.

So Lori met me here around 6 o'clock and we went and grabbed dinner at a place right around the corner from where I am staying. The restaurant was pretty good but told us they were basically out of everything on their menu so we just ordered some sandwiches and a few beers, which the owner had to run to the store to get for us haha but all in all it was good eats:) After dinner we hit up a local bar called Christie's to have a couple of beers and relax for a bit. Okay so here's another example of things getting weird in Thailand; so we are at Christie's and when our first drink is served they give Lori and I a plate of peanuts, which is completely normal at a bar. Then the next beer we order the bartender gives each of us a banana (maybe they ran out of peanuts?idk) and thennnn after our third drink the bartender presented us with a plate of popcorn and some kind of squid flavored-cheeto looking things hahaha Completely bizarre. But we had a lot of fun with everyone there singing and eating our weird bar snacks and I will definitely be going back again during my stay in Ban Phe.
SO thats about all for today, I guess we will just have to see what tonight brings:)

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